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HTML5 is lame

Some say XHTML was lame. If so, HTML5 will be even more lame. There isn’t any DTD. Can you imagine? Is the HEAD element needed or not? And what about the BODY or HTML element? Who can answer these questions? … Continue reading

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Best Practice robots.txt

I did some research month ago and wrote a longer article about robots.txt. But for a quick lookup it’s too much to read, so today it’s time a for a simple best-practices check-list: Use ASCII encoding for robots.txt (see as … Continue reading

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OclHashcat: New World Record – 9637 M/s

OclHashcat New World Record! Just to quickly throw in a number: 9637 M/s on a single hd5970 on stock clocks. My number of the day. Read On: oclHashcat v0.26b

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HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) –

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I’d wished when it came to such discussions (2) that wordpress starts to understand why I’m demanding to put the licenses we make use of readable inside the package. It’s still a wish, but it’s known that you learn best … Continue reading

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Protocol-Relative URL/URI/LINK

Note to myself: Protocol-relative URL/URI/LINK – see net_path in Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax (RFC 2396) (updates: RFC 1808), esp. 3. URI Syntactic Components and 5. Relative URI References and then compare against RFC 3986 Appendix D.2. Modifications (obsoletes … Continue reading

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+1: “Mozilla Document Center is by a stretch my favourite. It’s a rapidly growing wiki-based documentation […]. The HTML, CSS and Javascript documentation is really excellent, and going there directly often beats googling.” – via: Het Bijstere Spoor

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GPL: This Deserves a Special Mention, II

A week ago I asked the wordpress project who to contact for source code, especially for those parts no source-code exists for in the zip- and tar-gz-files. You might wonder: Source for wordpress – it’s already there, right? So what … Continue reading

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Free open source software projects (Area51) – Proposed Q&A site for developers of free software. Management, code sharing, hosting, marketing, community building, licensing, funding.

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html5lib – A Python and PHP implementations of a HTML parser based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification.

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CoSign: Secure, Intra-Institutional Web Authentication – Open Source Web Single Sign-On. “An open source project originally designed to provide the University of Michigan with a secure single sign-on web authentication system. cosign is part of the National Science Foundation Middleware … Continue reading

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Infographic: WordPress Core Team (Update 2x)

You’ve ever wondered about who is in the core team of WordPress? Last year in Portland Jane Wells was talking about “How WordPress Core Decisions Get Made“. I compiled some information about the Who is Who of the core team … Continue reading

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Please jump alone. Nokias CEO was telling stories about platforms and jump and run or run and jump. Whatever. My question is: How deep do you want to jump? Threatening a large scale of the workforce being fired for letting … Continue reading

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Pinba – Realtime Monitoring and Statistics Server for PHP

Pinba is a realtime monitoring/statistics server for PHP using MySQL as a read-only interface. It accumulates and processes data sent over UDP (I like that idea) by multiple PHP processes and displays statistics in a nice human-readable form of simple … Continue reading

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Time appears to pass fast sometimes, or is it just for what we miss? – WordPress, AtomPub, and PHP5 – via #16525

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WordPress: Best Collection of Code for your functions.php file (Wordpress-Users are excessive somehow, that site is still in beta and three pages of answsers.) There are tabs for sorting: Active, Oldest and Votes (top-right below the question) – more…

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If you want to google up an SVN command and you type in GIT instead … you know you’ve made a switch. By #16525

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WordPress 3.0.5 shipped with flaw instead of enhancement (Updated 2x)

Users are reporting that WordPress 3.0.5 shipped with flaw instead of enhancement, you can find a Hotfix in form of a plugin here (more info) but it probably does not fix everything for you. #16489 Update: Various worpdress themes or … Continue reading

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WordPress Upgrades Philosophy (07 Feb 2011; by Adam White)

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Serialization in Options: Cant see the Wood for the Trees

Last night lying in the spa when I put my book aside, it popped into my mind: We were so looking for a practicable fast and general approach to check if an option value is serialized or not in worpdress, … Continue reading

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