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Thoughts on a Websites’ Environment

I needed to put an older site under git version control and I wanted to be able to at least semi-automatically publish that site to the webserver. This is an old project for very good friends. Time to put it … Continue reading

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Choosing an ORM strategy (by Jimmy Bogard; 20 Jul 2012)

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How to avoid “tight coupling” in a WordPress Plugin?

This was asked today over at Stackoverflow (WordPress Plugin: How do I avoid “tight coupling”?) and I was able to grasp some time for an answer, I thought it’s worth linking it for the interested reader. Sure it can’t answer … Continue reading

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Revisiting Git, Github, and the wordpress.org plugin repository

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Serialization in Options: Cant see the Wood for the Trees

Last night lying in the spa when I put my book aside, it popped into my mind: We were so looking for a practicable fast and general approach to check if an option value is serialized or not in worpdress, … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.1 Release around the Corner

This morning when I woke up I had a feeling that it’s about time to see some new wordpress releases soon. Currently in the pipe is 3.0.5 with some minor security / hardening fixes and a major licensing fix. And … Continue reading

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PHP list(), Strings and Array Access

Array-Access on strings (not the SPL this time) goes that far in PHP when thrown against a list(): That will output: “A, B”. Okay great. For more, imagine this then: Which will output: “AB, A, B”. It’s only array access, … Continue reading

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php|architect January 2011 Issue Out Now

The new release is out: php|architect — January 2011, this time having some team/open source related articles worth to share.

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Git for WordPress development

Linked: Nicolas Kuttler has a nice post about Using git for WordPress development which is a How-To with some additional comments. Basically about interoperability between git and the wordpress plugin repository which is SVN: https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/. Read On: Revisiting Git, Github, … Continue reading

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WordPress Bugrate Stats Reprise

Dan Cole has some kind of update to my WordPress Bugrate Post I’ve created in January. I was not aware of this otherwise I would have blogged about this earlier: Already in April this year he published a series of … Continue reading

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Eclipse Helios and PDT 2.2 [UPDATED]

On 23 Jun 2010 PDT 2.2 has been released. PDT is a PHP development environment within Eclipse, a full featured IDE. Eclipse PDT is available to donwload on it’s project site.

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WordPress 3.0 Release to be shipped early next Week

According to Release Manager Jane Wells from Automattic, Inc – the privately owned company behind the investments in the end-users-popular blogging software – WordPress is quite close to release. As said by her on friday, the final launch of 3.0 … Continue reading

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Stripslashed to death? – End the Madness!

Another highly biased post with much #WTF potential as it’s typed on twitter: In WordPress there is some pretty stinky code. I always make a joke about the plain wrong slogan “Code is poetry” [sic!] where if that would be, … Continue reading

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Mr. Damien Katz and the cutest picture on Google images.

Damien Katz is a developer. He invented CouchDB (currently a project hosted under the apache umbrella) and put much traction on the nosql “movement”. But what’s more important then some tech facts is his very open style to actually talk … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.0 and PHP 4 – What’s the deal?

I know that more and more wordpress developers are complaining about that coding policy to support PHP 4 in wordpress. Yes, you’re right, it’s pretty much useless these days. And it makes things complicated. But WordPress Development is not done … Continue reading

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Living With Legacy Code by Rowan Merewood

Rowan Merewood uploaded slides from his PHP Benelux ‘10 Presentation “Living With Legacy Code”. Legacy code is a hard to handle topic, that’s why normally we as developers would like to walk around that.

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PHP Mess Detector

Another tool for maintaining and control PHP sourcecode is PHPMD – PHP Mess Detector. A spin-off project of PHP Depend: What PHPMD does is: It takes a given PHP source code base and look for several potential problems within that … Continue reading

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Spread the News: Setting up Habari

It’s always good to see beyond one’s own nose. So why not give Habari a little (svn) check(out)? Created to keep up with up-to-date features – both development as web related – it is growing since the very beginning of … Continue reading

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Docblock comments and more in code guidelines / standards

In the recent WordPress Coding Standard discussion it was clear that mutliple scenarios are not handeled. While doing more and more WP developmet these days, the list of stuff grows so it’s good to collect and to write them down. … Continue reading

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WordPress coders have no Class

Some days ago last month, Andrew Rickman blogged about the lack of Object Oriented Design in WordPress. He makes some very thoughtful statements even the article first starts with a lot of assumptions that made it easy for me to … Continue reading

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