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Common MVC Interfaces in PHP

Interested early adopters might want to follow some additional public repositories at github. Looks like there is some initiative to streamline PHP interfaces for diverse PHP based MVC implementations. Namely Zend Framework and Symfony. Name of the baby: FIG. Short … Continue reading


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Disable Stylesheets in Internet Explorer

Microsofts Browser, the Internet Explorer, is somehow hated by Webdesigners and Developers throughout the world. But still there is discussion over here and there whether or not to support the Browser any longer, for example version 6. I won’t go … Continue reading

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Tweak Internet Explorer 6 for todays use

I didn’t knew this great Setting for years: As describben in the MSDN, with a simple registry tweak you can disable stylesheets in Internet Explorer 6. Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main Name: Use StyleSheets Value-Type: REG_SZ Possible Values: no or yes Set … Continue reading

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Relative URL (#2) HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Just yesterday I had a post about the dot in the beginning of relative URLs. Today I have a small addition to that: Two dot path segments in an URL/URI. It’s some more detailed thing related to the history and … Continue reading

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Relative URL HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Another one for the HTML/ XHTML Code Smells: If you’re using realtive URLs inside your documents (which is pretty valid and can save you some bandwidth as well as it can save some hassles for mirroring a website) you should … Continue reading

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