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Roots (WordPress Theme) via Tavern.

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Theme Napkin v0.2 (WordPress Plugin) – Safeguard unintended output generated by theme bootstrap code (functions.php), see #16485.

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Git for WordPress development

Linked: Nicolas Kuttler has a nice post about Using git for WordPress development which is a How-To with some additional comments. Basically about interoperability between git and the wordpress plugin repository which is SVN: https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/. Read On: Revisiting Git, Github, … Continue reading

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Nette Latte

About a week ago I blogged about a Ctemplate influenced template language called mustache. It is naturally implemented in PHP. Now I stumbled over another PHP implemented and Ctemplate influenced template language again. It’s called Nette Latte and it is … Continue reading

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mustache — Logic-less templates.

Another minimalistic template lanugage I stumbeled over: mustache. It’s so reduced it has the tagline “logic-less templates” and really, it is reduced. Reduced in features but not in implementation languages:

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Classic and Default Theme for WordPress 3.0

Some days ago I wrote about that Classic and Default themes have disappeared for wordpress 3.0. This might me a pitty for you if you use a theme that extends the one or other of those. You won’t get any … Continue reading

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Themes gone.

It just came to my attention that WordPress 3.0 (see also WordPress 3.0 now Feature-Freeze) not only ships with a new theme but also will lack of the Classic and previously Kubrick based Default theme. They both have been burried … Continue reading

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CSS Selector Code Smell

3-2-1: Grab your QC environment and get ready for CSS today because it just does not makes sense to write a CSS Selector like these: Example 1: A bogus selector. Example 2: Can make sense The first example is pretty … Continue reading

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Twiggy Miggy Ziggy Biggy

Some days ago I posted about Twig, an open PHP template language. I have not added much detail nor discussion about Twig in that short post. In “In Response to Fabien Potencier: Twig & PHP Templating“, Eli White another PHP … Continue reading

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Twig PHP template

Marketing is often referred to black magic. Looks like within the PHP Community some coders know how to deal properly with it when you see this list of adjectives for the Twig template language (isn’t that a template engine?): Twig, … Continue reading

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