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Refactoring in the Real World

PHP Architect has a new Issue out and the freebie article is: Refactoring in the Real World We all talk about how to best structure our projects and how to write ‘clean code’, but how do we clean it up? … Continue reading

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PHP Serialize does References

Just a note on my blog so this won’t get lost. PHP serialized vars support references and therefore somewhat need to deal with recursion: PHP Serialization And Recursion Demystified Read On: Serialization of double values in PHP 4 and PHP … Continue reading

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End of Zend IDE?

PHPStorm has not only pushed the boundaries of PHP IDEs but also kicked Zend-“the PHP company”-‘s “value for money” marketing promise. So to repeat slowly for those who were not able to note it down: The “premium” model is not … Continue reading

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APDT: Aspect PHP Developement Tools

The Aspect PHP Development Tools (APDT) project is a Eclipse platform based tool for AOSD in PHP. The goal is to deliver a user experience consistent with the PHP Development Tools (PDT) when working with PHPAspect projects and resources. The … Continue reading

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Save the date: PHPUnconference Europe 2011 on 19th & 20th Feb

It’s official since some days. There is a date now for the first European PHP Unconference: 19th & 20th February 2011. The city is Manchester in England / UK, admission charge is 46.00 EUR  or 40.00 GBP. As hashtags tend to get too complicated these … Continue reading

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Petition related PDF Readers

In a current campaing the FSFE has setup a Petition For The Removal Of Proprietary Software Advertising On Public Websites (available in 10 Languages). It is part of the PDFreaders Campagin you should know about if you’re running a website … Continue reading

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Disabled Javascript Reminder

A discussion about two weeks ago and messages like this one (see picture) do remind me of the fact that most designers and developers think that users decide about not using javascript for questionable personal motivation only (e.g. Security ). … Continue reading

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WordPress Licensing Issues – On Showing License

When it comes to the GPL wordpress front-persons Jane Wells or Matt Mullenweg do not get tired to underline the importance to spread the word about software freedom. That is generally a good thing if the information provided is correct … Continue reading

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The HTML5 Myth

Normally I approach “webtech” topic from the webdesigners and developers side. But today I write about an apporach from a users perspective. The task was simple: Watch video online without using Adobe or Macromedia Flash. To make this task even … Continue reading

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