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If you want to know about protecting your login with SSL, you can read the support page about it. It shows you the checkbox you need to tick. You need to enable it first (Users -> Personal Settings: Browser … Continue reading

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Git for WordPress development

Linked: Nicolas Kuttler has a nice post about Using git for WordPress development which is a How-To with some additional comments. Basically about interoperability between git and the wordpress plugin repository which is SVN: Read On: Revisiting Git, Github, … Continue reading

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WordPress Plugin Credits

There are some plugins that do this, but I want to link WordPress Plugin Credits (WordPress Plugin) by ShibaShake. Probably because it’s pretty well documented, but additionally because of the spirit behind it. If you have a self hosted blog, … Continue reading

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Mysql Batch Mode – Handle Multiple Tables with Ease

MySQL has a batch mode that takes any SQL command from a file: where batchfile contains the sql commands, e.g. one per line. This can save some inter-action. I just wanted to upgrade some web software. But I didn’t wanted … Continue reading

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Common MVC Interfaces in PHP

Interested early adopters might want to follow some additional public repositories at github. Looks like there is some initiative to streamline PHP interfaces for diverse PHP based MVC implementations. Namely Zend Framework and Symfony. Name of the baby: FIG. Short … Continue reading

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Rules of Play – Faster is_serialized()

It is interesting to see what happens when you throw a bunch of developers on a specific problem over time. While developing free software you can often benefit from things like code review and collective code ownership as well as … Continue reading

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unserialize_callback_func – just a note to myself about the php configuration directive (can be set on runtime) which can point to a function (string callback). It can take care of including the class definitions in case a serialized object is … Continue reading

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PHP Syntax Regulary Expressed

This is not the full PHP Syntax as Regex (which would not make much sense, use the tokenizer instead), but a collection of regular expressions for various elements of the PHP syntax I ran over lately.

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FluentDOM now on Github

EOL for SVN in the FluentDOM project, it moved over to GIT and github: The SVN repository is not updated any longer according to the website. FluentDOM is a very usable PHP library for DOMDocument traversion and manipulation. Next … Continue reading

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Coding Standards that ain’t one

Developer Quiz: What are coding standards that do not get applied?

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