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Just a little follow up to Your Guide to Composer in WordPress as I was stumbling over while surfing (and equally short just for the log): Bryan Petty (tierra) was so kind to mirror the WordPress Source/Development branch on Github, … Continue reading

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Ircmaxell’s Rambling On Internals

Ircmaxell’s Rambling On Internals raises a very important point about the use of RFCs in the PHP community and the problem they have been introduced as a tool to only negotiate – not solve – the problems of the PHP … Continue reading

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Free The Cuban Five! 12. September 2013

Especially for our German speaking visitors: Unterstützen und Verbreiten – And for our US-visitors: Miami, FL, Sept. 8 | Washington, DC, Sept. 12 (White House) | Washington, DC, Sep 13 (University of the District of Columbia Law School)

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