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HEAD first with PHP Streams

PHP has a built-in function called get_headers that will return the response headers. But it has some downsides, like requesting the whole response (and not only the HEAD) and it’s hard to control behaviour for redirects. On Stackoverflow some users … Continue reading

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Abbreviations, Acronyms and Aberrations

I needed to find out the difference and had a read on Abbreviations and in there stumbled over: In normal text, writers can safely ignore corporate aberrations in spacing and capitalization. Noted for style guide; Wikipedia explains what an aberration … Continue reading

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php|architect with a special offer only this week

IMHO an offer worth to share: php|architect, a PHP magazine in electronic format, gives you access to all back-issues if you decide to get your premium subscription for 12 issues (cost: $45) within this week. You can find the details … Continue reading

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