Eclipse Helios and PDT 2.2 [UPDATED]

On 23 Jun 2010 PDT 2.2 has been released. PDT is a PHP development environment within Eclipse, a full featured IDE. Eclipse PDT is available to donwload on it’s project site.

If you need to run an upgarde of your existing setup, then there is Helios Update Site: (Update: I had problems doing so, a fresh install of a new copy did work much, much better).

For both variants you can consult the Installation Instructions.

For an Upgrade of an existing installation you should plan 15 to 30 minutes. There are some dialogs to click through and restarts needed.

First Impression: Good enough to go Beta-Test!

The first impression is very well so far. I upgraded an existing installation and the performance is better, the overall use-feeling seems more fluid.

  • (+) Files open faster
  • (+) Typing is much better
  • (+) Improved sourcecode display
  • (+) Seperated DLTK Indexing
  • (-) Language constructs like echo, print, if, empty etc. still not open in the PHP Manual
  • (-) When DLTK indexing is in progress you can not use any features based on it – Eclipse freezes
  • (-) Overall unstable compared to Galileo
  • (-) Not ready for production use
  • Test yourself


I had massive problems with upgrading an existing Eclipse Galileo / PDT 2.1 installation via the update tool. Making a new installment from scratch did solve many of the really bugging errors, it works more or less like a charm again.


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2 Responses to Eclipse Helios and PDT 2.2 [UPDATED]

  1. Chris says:

    So the fresh install sorted out these problems:

    # (-) Overall unstable compared to Galileo
    # (-) Not ready for production use


    I.e. are you happy using it to completely replace Galileo?

  2. hakre says:

    Not really, some of the problems still exist with helios, and this is with some wordpress files. So currently I have one Galileo and one Helios in parallel.

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