MattPress Egomania

It is somehow a pity to see how self-focused the wordpress project (in person: Matt Mullenweg) currently is. For example, on, if you write the name “Wordpress” into an article it will be displayed as “WordPress”. That’s no joke, your post gets automattically altered and your own way of writing censored – w/o any notice to you. You do not even get a note about this unexpected change in the post editor nor are you able to control that.

I call it censorship in the name of the Lord. The funny thing is, Matt always wants to look like he is against censorship (and very open, not proprietary BTW) when I read that right in the one or other of his statements. Not that censorship is something bad per-se in my eyes (I do not think it is a provoking term), I put it in here just to show Matt’s twisted tongue.

But back on topic: The first is orthographically correct english for writing names, the second is a marketing gag of probably Mr. Mullenweg, I do not know that for sure so I do not want to do false accusations here.

(T)his wrong way of writing (yeah I know its soooo fancy – ups, a typo!) does lead to confusion as well. Some just read it as a name consisting of two words. Well understandable but guess who is complaining in the minute. Do not get me wrong, I do have misspellings all over in my writings as well, but what I strongly dislike is to receive commands and auto-correction about that. I’m still a human, not a brain-less idiot. Thanks.

Maybe cases like this one have made Matt so mad that he became angry over everybody who is not writing the term as he wants it (“dammit, those lower-case-p-wordpress-writing …”) and led his coders go create that user-content modifying filter on

Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall

Technically this leads to diverse problems, for example when you link to internet-adresses in a wordpress blog post that has the term “Wordpress” in it – that will render your links into useless 404-not-found pages. Yes in linux those are case-sensitive (does Matt really like linux?).

Or if you do a quote and then the quoted text is changed (ups, maybe silently filtering users content and changing it automatically and invisible is a problem for serious writers … ). I mean with a change like that, it’s obviously that things must go wrong.

All this has been reported to Automattic some time ago but next to confirming the problems, it was refused to stop altering posts (that has been clearly communicated and cross checked so those statements were not done in error). Well at least on automattics servers this might be a good right of the company you might argue, but I doubt that these changes on the user-content are even covered by their own TOS. According to worpdress (.com?) developer Andrew Nacin this has been running on for more than two years.

Next Step: Roll-Out self-mockery to servers worldwide

In fact there are not only no intentions to remove this filter. Even badlier, there are plans to extend that silently over to dot org – the community driven and developed wordpress code-base. should not be the end of Matt’s little world as it turned out:

Forever eliminate ‘WordPress’ from the planet (or at least the little bit we can influence). props matt.

Source: commit message accompanying the changes [14996] (original text might have been edited by Automattic, Inc in this quote on

The name of the introduced functions speaks for it’s own as well: capital_P_dangit, the meaning of dangit can be found in the urban dictionary (bitter-sweet to see as well for whom “his own” coding style-guides are lowered again, but that only as note in the margin).

The flip-side of the story? What’s the argument to keep the criticized changes? – WordPress would be free software so anybody can revert that mess afterwards, and there is already a plugin. Well, that’s really a honorable move to your users freedom, right? (Not that there wasn’t one already to do the job since 2007.) Maybe next to User-Centered there should be the term Self-Mockeried design formed now. I’m pretty sure next to Jane in UX we will have Matt in SM then.

And yes, I really feel pretty bad I didn’t write the term all the time like Mr M. wanted it to be written *snief*. Is that still the boy or has the wordpress project cursed and pwned him?

Related Ticket: #13583 (More Ticket(s): 14043; #13971; #12519)


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9 Responses to MattPress Egomania

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  2. Daniel says:

    You sound a little ass-hurt, buddy. Without Matt WordPress wouldn’t exist, you should respect his wishes.

    • hakre says:

      WordPress development is done by a community and that community has overvoted Matt in this case. Wishes are perfectly okay, but you need to throw all wishes from everybody into one pot and then make the right decision. Matt’s role in development is not as exceptional as you write.

      I can fully understand that it is a wish to write WordPress with an uppercase P. But if people do not do that, it is a communication and not a technical problem. You can not solve communication problems with a technical implementation.

      So it’s not ass-hurt, it’s just no the right approach to the problem and that’s what’s in the critique. Maybe I write a more clear post which is not that personally directed (I admit, bad style) and put this on a level which is better to understand regardless of personal interests.

  3. Mad Tomato says:

    I guess I should aPologize to Matt for all the tyPos I’ve made.

    Sorry, Matt. My bad. 😀

  4. Denis says:


    [audio src="" /]

    Namely after the 25″ mark.

    • hakre says:

      I was not aware of those days to come after the release of this post. Life is so unpredictable. Thanks for pointing this interview again, I re-listened to it and despite my position about the GPL (and software freedom firsthand), both guys need to be hurt a lot when they were young. That mixery guy has real qualities (and a charming voice), but it did not help. And Chris is on a far lower level compared to Matt. Gosh. I hope that does not lead to any kills.

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