At Your Fingertips – Just Search Quickly The Long Lists.

Jeffro made a nice post: “Where Are The Settings For That Plugin?” about the problem to locate something in the ever-growing WordPress-Admin-Menu. He is sharing this problem with others. Yeah I know that long menu can somehow suck.

So everybody is in the need for something practical. That reminded me on a pocket-rocket project I did some months ago. The ever-longer getting menu was really killing me. And the Plugin Listing! It gets so freaking long if you go to plugin overdrive. Your programming guy always warns you to not flood your installation with those, but, hey, it’s so easy to install something 🙂

I wanted a Quicksearch – search while you type – that highlights the terms you look for. Like you can do in any of the more modern browsers. Just having the stuff on my fingertips with direct response.

I mixed up some javascript jQuery magic that time ago which just did the job. After reading Jeffro’s Post I decided to awake it back to life and just build an add-on out of it: Admin Quicksearch. Plugin Incubation has started.

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2 Responses to At Your Fingertips – Just Search Quickly The Long Lists.

  1. hassanmuhammed says:

    I don’t have this feature this was helpful, but I don’t see it where it is located on my dashboard.

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