Admin Quicksearch Released

Just some update on the Admin Quicksearch Plugin: Inital Release is out.

It’s tagged as 0.1-alpha but that’s more because I’m lazy and not because it’s that unstable. It should do the job perfectly already, it’s just, well, grabbed together two days ago and I put that version in there and have not changed it yet. It should work as well with WP 2.9.x because I did not change the code and it had been made for that platform in the beginning. Release is driven by Jeffros Post over at the Tavern.

Tested with Opera, Chrome and Firefox (current stable versions).

You need to have Javascript enabled to use this plugin. It does not work w/o Javascript. There is no warning if you have not activated it.

And, well, your Browser should perform well with JS and DOM. Otherwise this plugin might hang sometimes. In case you need to get rid of it, just deactivate / delete it, it does not store any options so far.

Have fun and let me know if you can get used to it :).

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